pull requests & forks

This page contains links to branches or pull requests of forks that I have made that offer interesting features to common pentesting tools.

Some of this may be 'experimental'
PR:mget command added to smbclient.py

Update: now merged into master, just update impacket to use.

# example with new command
smbclient.py user:pass@host
use C$
cd temp
mget *.ps1 
REPO:secretsdump.py with json output and threading

#example with new flags
secretsdump.py user:pass@batch-hosts -outputfile batch-run  -json-output -batch-hosts=targethosts.txt -batch-threads 10
PR:kerbrute with passwords-per-sweep value
REPO:kerbrute with passwords-per-sweep value

# example with new flags
# attempts to run 5 passwords from passwords_to_try.txt every 30 minutes 
# updating the passwords_to_try.txt file while it is running will add the new passwords to the current queue
kerbrute spraycampaign -d domain.com usernames.txt passwords_to_try.txt 30 5 
REPO:Rust bridge for Metasploit

You will need to read the README.md for this one. Basically it allows you to write and use metasploit modules written in Rust. Accompanying Rust library is located here